Spring and summer are most people’s two favourite seasons of the year. They are a time for sunshine, holidays, going outside and having fun, but not if your weave keeps causing you trouble. If you look after your high quality weave properly then there should be no issues, but so many of us spend the summer months moaning about how itchy our scalp is, how hot our head feels and how we just want to sit in front of the air conditioner all day. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Shajades hair extensions already have lots of things in place to ensure a pleasurable summer weave experience and there are extra things you can do to stay looking and feeling flawless, even in the heat.

Invest In Quality Hair

The higher quality hair that you have, the less it is going to shed, tangle and matte. It is as simple as that. So, if you want to have soft, natural, glossy hair for the summer then you are going to have really invest in some good quality weave. Not to brag, but Shajades weaves are 100% untouched virgin human hair that has not been chemically treated or dyed, so you know that it will not let you down. Our Brazilian Wavy Weft is the perfect style in terms of hair trends for the summer, because let’s face it beachy waves are always in. We do have a lot of other hair textures and styles available too, you can check them all out here.

Leave Out Your Leave-Out

When you first install your summer weave style, you should consider having it done in such a way, when your tracks are installed, to have as little leave out as possible. Usually leave-out is the natural hair that is not braided into the tracks but instead left out to be blended in with your natural hair at the edges. However during the summer, even if you have the highest quality weave around, your natural hair can still cause havoc to your look. It will react to the heat and humidity and the last thing you want to be doing at a summer BBQ or when you are sunning yourself on a beach, is to be checking your edges all the time. A style that doesn’t have a great deal of leave-out will let you relax knowing that your natural hair is under control.

Shampoo and Condition Hair Regularly

This may seem like an obvious one but it is so important to do and to make time for shampooing your hair properly during the summer months. The increased heat, sunshine and outside activity will mean that your weave gets dirtier much faster than any other time of the year. If you don’t always have time to wash it thoroughly, using a waterless shampoo like this one from Elentee SOY Organics will help to refresh the hair and rid it of sweat and dust when you are on the go. As well as shampooing, conditioning is very important to keeping your weave looking perfect during the summer months. If the hair is allowed to dry out from sun exposure, then not only will this reduce its life but also it will dull its shine and make it more prone to be effected by humidity. This Wig Control Conditioner is just the product to do the job and it will restore hair that has been damaged by the elements. If you use the shampooing and conditioning methods in conjunction with one another, that is the ultimate way to look after your weave this summer.