As a hairstyle, soft curls are just perfect for achieving that flawless spring look. They help to soften your face, add volume to your wig and mix things up when your silky straight has been it’s natural self for a bit too long. Soft curls work for day or night and it is a style that every hair conscious woman should be able to do. Here’s several ways that you can add soft curls to your silky straight lace wig to fit into your fabulous lifestyle and without causing damage to your virgin hair.

Use a Curling Iron

The most common and classic way to add soft curls to your hair is with a curling iron, a tool that most of us ladies have at home. What you might not know about this hair styling gadget is that the size of the barrel makes a large difference to the end results of your curls or waves. We touched a little on this in this post about heat styling lace wigs, but to clarify here is what you need to know about achieving soft curls. You will need a medium sized barrel and use it on quite a high heat setting, curling a medium piece of hair at a time. This way you will achieve soft curls rather than spirals or waves.  This is the best method for the weekend or before an evening out, when you have lots of time to create the perfect look.

Use Rollers and Setting Lotion

This is the old school way to add soft curls to your silky straight lace wig and despite the popularity of heat styling; this method is still around for a reason. It is usually done overnight so it is a great time saver and means you wake up the next day with flawless soft curls and a minimal amount of styling to do. All you have to do is take a clean lace wig (freshly washed and dry is best) and then separate it out into medium sized strands. Take one of these at a time and apply a spritz of setting lotion, such as this one, then use a foam roller to roll up the hair and fix into place. Once you have done this all over ensure everything is secure and then go to bed, leaving them in over night. In the morning remove the rollers and brush through the curls to soften them and disperse any excess setting lotion. You will be left with flawless envy inducing soft curls that will look fabulous all day. If you don’t have foam rollers, you can also plait the hair using the setting lotion in the same way, however this won’t be as effective so it’s best to get foam rollers if you can.

Some Care Advice

Adding soft curls to your silky straight lace wig will achieve a gorgeous versatile look but it doesn’t come without its risks and you should be careful when altering any of your natural virgin hair. If you curl your lace wig more than once a week this might cause damage to the hair and put it under unnecessary strain and reduce its life span. So, be sure to curl no more than necessary and if you find you are constantly curling your silky straight you might want to consider getting a curly lace wig, such as our one here. Also, heat protection is very important before styling with curling irons, so be sure to spray this on every single time you use heat. Lastly, once you have added curls to your hair you will need to switch up the hairbrush you are using. It is difficult for a fine comb to go through curls, so instead use a wide rake style, like this one, to cause as little impact to your lace wig as possible.

We hope those tips were helpful and please send us pictures once you have styled up your Shajades silky straight!