When we wrote about how to style and wear a kinky straight full lace wig, we briefly touched on how to do a fishtail braid but we think that this complex looking but gorgeous hairstyle deserve a whole post of its own! So what exactly is a fishtail braid?


A fishtail braid is a gorgeous style that has become popular as an everyday hairdo that can be done easily and to great effect. It looks much more complex than a regular braid, which the sections being braided in on each other, but it is in fact very easy to do.  It was originally called the ‘Grecian braid’ in the 19th century, and it will still make you look like a goddess today. 


 1. You have to start with a sleek base, so use a shine spray or serum like this one to sleek out your lace wig, weave or micro rings (yes you can use this style with any hair extensions!). Then you need to put your clean, sleek hair into a ponytail and tie it with a hair band. If you would like to do a French style fishtail braid then start the plait without doing this stage and begin the following stage higher up the hair and more gradually.

2. After this the ponytail, or the loose hair, needs to be split into two even sections, rather than three like a traditional plait. Then you can start to braid the hair! All you need to do is to start to take small sections for the outside of each of the larger sections and overlap to the other side.

3. Continue this process, alternating from one side to the other all the way to the end of the hair. Whilst moving down the hair, be sure to keep the smaller sections even so that the plait stays straight. Although as you get lower down the hair the sections will naturally become thinner as more of the hair is plaited.

4. Once you have plaited all the way to the end of the hair you can secure it with a small elastic band – not a hair band as it will be to large to stay in place – and if you use a clear one it will be invisible and keep the style looking sleek. You can even straighten the end of the plait if you want it to look really on point.

5. Finish with some more serum to keep fly-aways down and secure the underside with hairpins if you have shorter sections that need keeping in place.


Due to the easy style of the fishtail braid it is also very versatile and can be used for various occasions. You can either put the ponytail at the back of your hair or down the side for a more dramatic style. Whilst a lot of people wear the style everyday, it is becoming a trend to use fishtail braid for weddings, just add some flowers into the braid and you are good to go! Plus two toned micro ring hair works really well with this style so it's great if you really want a dramatic look.