As far as hair inspirations go, you can’t get much better than Beyoncé, after all she is called Queen B for a reason. No matter what look Bey decides to try out it always seems to work and looks natural in the process – if you want tips on statement hair perhaps this Nicki Minaj post is more up your street. Her lace wigs and extensions are always on point and she has stacked up quite a few looks in her time at the top. This is our run down of her most iconic looks and how you can learn how to get hair like Beyoncé…

Foxy Early Days

When we look back over Beyoncé’s career, it is almost too easy to forget that before her #flawless days she undertook the persona of Foxy Cleopatra for one of the iconic Austin Powers movies. In this, Beyoncé works a serious natural Afro inspired hair do in a nod to the 1960s. For a more paired down version of this old school Beyoncé look, you can try one of our kinky curly lace wigs. This Mongolian style kinky has ombre tips for some added variety and our kinky Afro lace wig is texture perfect for the foxy Beyoncé look. Both these styles have graduated density and the high quality touches that make them match up to Beyoncé’s natural appearance. All you have to do is glue and wear!

Retro Short Fringe

Another Beyoncé look that is worth a mention is her ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ retro short fringe, that goes perfectly for a 1950s inspired edgy look. To be in keeping with the Beyoncé style, you should only have a short fringe on mid-toned hair and keep the rest of the style quite relaxed in comparison to avoid it looking too harsh. The best way to get the retro fringe is either to order a custom wig or ask your stylist to cut one in when you next have your weave installed. Despite this being a reasonably natural look it can still be quite a head turner, so be sure before you commit fully to this style!

Classic Waves

Finally, the most classic Beyoncé look is her old favourite of soft natural waves. You can read more about how to achieve this through heat styling in this blog post we wrote about adding soft curls to a silky straight. You other options for getting this look are to find some Shajades products that will have the waves you need all the time. This Mongolian natural wavy full lace wig is perfect in terms of style and the baby hairs are just what is needed to finish it off in Beyoncé quality. If lace wigs aren’t your preferred method then you can always use wefts and this Brazilian Body Wave will provide the prefect amount of waves and volume once installed to rival Queen B herself.

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