Ever since she burst on to the music scene in 2010 with her album Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj has become a style and sass icon for women everywhere. She has made mixing up your wig and weave colour the norm and the bigger the better, plus she always keeps it looking fresh and stylish. Her hair has been every colour under the sun and of course, pink is her favourite! Now that the Superbass star is engaged to rapper Meek Mill, she is even more in the spotlight than ever and we love her eccentric fabulous look. Here are three ways that you can rock hair like Miss Minaj.

Invest In A Custom

 We all know that regular lace wigs don’t come in Barbie pink, so if you want to look like Nicki then you will have to invest in a custom style. We use the word invest because buying a custom from Shajades means buying the highest quality grade hair, made specifically to your needs and it will last much longer than other custom brands. You can shop for custom lace wigs (glue-less and full lace) made with Virgin Brazilian here. Once you have your custom order, you want to make sure that you take care of it properly so that it doesn’t lose it’s colour and shine. Those two things are very important to the Nicki Minaj look after all! If you use a colour care system like this RedKen Colour Extend and only wash your wig in cold water, then it will keep it’s fabulous colour for its entire lifetime.

Get A Bob

The bob is a hairstyle that has grown in popularity for the last few seasons but Nicki Minaj has been working this look for much longer. If you want to get her sharp look then you need to take your lace wig for a good trim. If you buy the shortest length of 14 inches, then it will not be too much to take off, just ask your stylist to keep it really even and clean cut. Or you can work a fake bob with your regular weave or lace wig if you don’t fancy chopping it off. Just pin your weave under itself and finish off with an eccentric looking clip to keep it Minaj style.

Rock A Fringe

For the true Nicki Minaj look you might want to consider getting a blunt cut fringe. Again, you might want to get this as a custom because cutting it into a lace wig that has a well-designed natural looking hairline – like the ones from Shajades – might not work so well. A custom wig with a blunt fringe is really easy to maintain as the natural hairline is fully covered. The only thing you will have to worry about is keeping your fringe looking sharp like Nicki’s. You can do this by carrying around a fine comb, and giving your fringe a good brush whenever you can. Plus a quick spritz of finishing spray will keep fly aways at bay. 


Have you tried the Nicki Minaj look? We would love to see your pictures of your #flawless style so send them into us!