As well as lace wigs, weaves and closures, micro rings are a key type of hair extension that you might want to get to grips with. Mainly aimed at those with European hair – although those with relaxed afro hair can find a style to suit them too – they are attached to the roots of the natural hair in order to make it appear longer. It works well for people who struggle to grow their hair out or those who want to achieve a thick and luxurious head of hair easily. People also use them for achieving a two-tone effect and having the micro ring layer as an opposing colour to their natural colour. If applied correctly, micro rings can last for up to four months and so it is important to follow some key guidelines on how to use micro rings: 

Apply To Clean Straight Hair

This rule is applicable to the application of all hair extensions and wigs but it is especially important when it comes to micro rings. Due to the nature of how they are applied, using a strong and special clip, any build up or dirt that is left near the root of the hair will become trapped and will encourage bacteria. This will not only make the micro rings not very pleasant to wear, but it will also reduce their wear length. Also, the hair being straight on application is very important to help make the whole process a lot easier. If you apply micro rings to curly hair you cannot tell if the layers are even or how far the clips really are from the root. With straight hair you can see clearly and then style it up afterwards.

Don’t apply too close to the roots or face

 If you are having your micro rings installed at a salon you don’t need to worry too much about this as your hair stylist will know the right technique. But if you applying these at home then you need to make sure that the micro rings are clipped in in the right place. You want to hair to look as natural as possible and so you should apply the hair about an inch from the scalp so it will look settled into the natural fall of your hair. Also, each bundles that you apply should be spaced a fingers width apart from each other for the same reason. Additionally, the extensions should be a good 2 cm from the face, this will let your shorter natural hair and the extensions blend together, giving a more natural look.

 Apply in a brickwork style

As well as to make to make the hair fall naturally, as mentioned above, the bundles need to be applied a fingers width apart so that they can be applied in a brick work fashion. This means that the layers above the bottom layers fall into the gaps. This way avoids any gaps in volume and makes the fall of the hair look natural for all angles. Of course you will be applying quite a number of bundles in a few layers so this is crucial. One final note is that once you have applied your micro rings your head might feel a little heavy initially, but once you get used to weight of the micro rings (which is only small) wearing them will be effortless!