Founder Sharnett Grant started this company in 2014 after buying it from Louise Pierre. Not only does she proudly offer the highest-quality in lace systems, virgin hair wefts and lace frontals, it is also her vision to make Shajades Hair and Beauty LTD the global destination for quality hair extensions. Loyalty and innovation are at the heart of her company, with everything we produce as a company infused with these values. She is also passionate about exceptional customer service and wants to make any individual’s hair and beauty shine through. We source our products from countries all over the world that harvest top-quality, genuine human hair. Soft to the touch, silky and irresistibly smooth, our beautiful hair is made to feel like your own. Dull, lifeless hair is a thing of the past. Shiny, healthy-looking locks and full-bodied waves are at your fingertips. We are confident that once you experience Shajades Hair and Beauty, you will never look back.